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tcvr roll funnel mix sip stirrers 1/2# french fry boat hot dog tray 1# french fry boat

300 Foot Plastic Tablecover Rolls:
Our tablecover rolls do approximately 32 tables,
leaving about 6 inches hanging over each edge.
If you go end to end, you can get approximately
37 tables covered from each roll ( white or color).
White - $15.95 per roll; Colors: $19.95 per roll

Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cake Mix:
$46.00 per case of 6/5 Lb. Pouches

Plastic Sip Stirrers:
$1.49 per box of 1000

Hot Dog Trays:
$9.99 per pack of 500

1/2 Lb. French Fry Boats:
$6.99 per pack of 250
1 Lb. French Fry Boats:
$7.99 per pack of 250

Plastic "Take-Home" Bags:
$7.00 per pack of 100

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